Judges 17
May 31st, 2024
Today’s Passage: Judges 17hapter 17 does not depict another Judge over Israel, but it gives a snapshot of what life was like during this time. It shows the complete spiritual ignorance throughout the ...  Read More
Judges 16:23-31
May 30th, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 16:23-31 In Hebrews 11, Samson is listed in the “Hall of Faith.” At first glance, this list of believers may be considered a list of heroes, but in looking at Samson’s story we...  Read More
Judges 16:1-22
May 29th, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 16:1-22 In our passage, we see a prime example of the struggle temptation brings in our lives. As believers in Christ, we need to be reminded that sin is nothing to play around...  Read More
Judges 15
May 28th, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 15 While Samson is one of the better known judges from this book, his life is just as messy, broken and complicated. This chapter covers complications in his marriage to a Phil...  Read More
Judges 14
May 27th, 2024
Today’s Passage: Judges 14Today we continue in the middle of Samson’s story. As we are going to learn, Samson was not a very upstanding guy. He had his moments, though brief, of following God but over...  Read More
Judges 13
May 25th, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 13 Sometimes you’ll hear someone say that the Bible is boring. Clearly that person has never read Judges. If you’re unfamiliar with Judges or if it’s your first time reading it...  Read More
Judges 12
May 24th, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 12 The dark days for Israel continue to march on. Once again, Israel finds themselves in the middle of another civil war, this time with Jephthah at the helm as a judge over Gi...  Read More
Judges 11
May 23rd, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 11The story of Jephthah is both triumphant and tragic. It shows us how God can make heroes from the least likely of candidates, but those heroes can make catastrophic mistakes ...  Read More
Judges 10
May 22nd, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 10God has raised up judges to lead the people back to the Lord. Many of the judges, however, also did not do what was right in the eyes of the Lord. The first judge we read abo...  Read More
Judges 9
May 21st, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 9There are two major themes in Judges:•  Israel did what was evil / Everyone did what was right in their own eyes• There was no King in IsraelYou will hear these repeated throu...  Read More
Judges 8:22-35
May 20th, 2024
Today's Passage: Judges 8:22-35Verses 22-23: The people request that Gideon essentially act and rule as king. Gideon says that only God will rule over them. This, in theory, is good and right.Verses 2...  Read More
Judges 8:1-21
May 18th, 2024
Today’s Passage: Judges 8:1-21Yesterday we got to read about one of the cooler moments in the book of Judges. God took Gideon’s large army and dwindled it down to 300 people where God showed His power...  Read More

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