Our mission of taking everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ isn't possible without discipleship and mentoring. That's why we want to make these resources available to you.

They are designed as conversational, interpersonal growth tools, so we encourage you to go through them with someone else. It's a great way to be challenged to pursue your relationship with Jesus while learning from a peer or mentor. Print these PDFs or load them on your tablet device or computer.

Interested in discipling someone? Click on Discipleship Training below for a 30-minute training from Tim and Graham. They're teaching about the basics of discipleship and will unpack the next step to begin meeting with someone. 

"I love discipleship because it’s more than just a bible study. Discipleship is a chance to do real life with someone and it makes it so much more intentional and meaningful that way."

- Emily B.

"Discipleship at CPC has shown me two things: where I am in my walk with Jesus and where I want to be."

- Tyler M.

"I am so thankful to walk this journey with the disciples Christ entrusted in my life!"

- Diana F.

I'm a Christian Now What?!

I'm a Christian Now What is a perfect first step for those who are new to Christianity. It walks through the basics of the Christian faith: what it means to be saved and follow Jesus in baptism and church membership, how to grow in your walk with God through reading the Bible and prayer, and how to take steps with sharing your faith with others. This book is perfect for new Christians, but also for those who just need a reminder about what following Jesus is all about.

The Change Of Life

The change that comes with following Jesus for the first time is often a radical turning point in a person's life. Many times, that change can be a struggle. At the same time, many people profess to following Jesus for years without seeing any change. The truth is that a person cannot meet Jesus and remain unchanged. This book explores how salvation in Christ naturally brings changes to a person's mind, heart, and life.

Growing Up In The Lord

Even though God has saved us through the gospel, growth in becoming like Christ can still be a challenge. This book helps people understand their identity in Christ and what it looks like when Christ is at work in someone's life.

Searching For Treasure

Have you ever wondered how you can study and understand the Bible for yourself? The ultimate goal of following Jesus is to be able to feed yourself the truths of the Bible. Searching for Treasure equips you to read and study the Bible by offering six different tools to studying the Bible.

Handbook for Spiritual Reproduction

Have you ever had a desire to share the gospel with a friend or disciple a new believer, but were hesitant to take the first step? Handbook for Spiritual Reproduction is a book that seeks to develop disciples to fulfill the Great Commission by teaching them how to grow in evangelism and discipleship.

The Holy Spirit

Before Jesus ascended to heaven, he told his disciples that he would send his helper, the Holy Spirit, to be with believers in Jesus. In this resource you will learn more about this person of the Trinity, who he is, what he does, and what it means for your life.

Evangelism Tool: Prepare to Share & the 3 circles

This tool breaks down the plan of salvation and gives a step by step method of how to share the Gospel with someone else. It's something you should practice in discipleship so you can be ready when you get an opportunity to talk about spiritual matters.