For even the Son of Man came not to
be served, but to serve...    - Mark 10:45

Serving others brings joy and purpose to life. Center Point is a volunteer run organization where you can put your gifts and talents to work. We would love to help you figure out how. 

Welcome Team

The mission of the Welcome Team is to create an environment where guests feel expected, accepted, and connected; opening the way for them to take one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ. It’s important that guests to CPC feel comfortable, informed, and seen.

If you’re interested in joining the work that God is doing at Center Point, as we live out the mission on Sunday mornings, Welcome Team is a great option.  A genuine love for people is all it really takes.

Worship Team

We define "worship" as the heart's response to who God is and what He's done. The Worship & Tech Team aim to lead people to respond to God through services that are saturated with the truth of Scripture, dependent upon the Holy Spirit, and creatively excellent.

If you are gifted in music or have a heart to serve in Tech we would love to have you join our team! 

Kids Ministry

We believe that children can be drawn by the Holy Spirit to accept Christ as their Savior. As a result, we wish to empower families and help prepare the hearts of children to become kingdom-expanding, heart-transforming, culture-shaping, lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. The time invested in guiding children to Jesus is one of the most valuable investments of our time as His disciples.

If you're interested in joining our team of servant leaders, we would love to have you on our team as we impact the next generation! 

"I serve because I want to help create an environment in church that shows God’s kindness and points people towards Him."

- Matt Edgar (Welcome Team)

"We serve because we love kids, we love God and His Word, and love giving ourselves to share the riches of God with the kids."

- Ron + Pat Chaffins (Kids Ministry)

"I serve because I have a love for people. I love making sure people who come to our church feel welcomed and seen."

- Nick Greenup (Welcome Team)

Student Ministry

Middle and High School are some of the most fun, difficult, and strangest times of life. Changes are happening all around. As a leader in Student Ministry, you get the awesome opportunity to step into the lives of students and help them figure out how to walk with Jesus during this time, while also having a ton of fun! The one thing we desire in Student Ministry is to help students love Jesus now and for the rest of their lives. We do that by taking them one step closer in their relationship with Jesus. 

College Ministry

We believe college students can walk with God and change the world.  At CPC College we want to be intentional with every student God allows to walk through our doors, taking them one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ. We want to help them live for Jesus with their time in college (1,000 Days) in a way that transforms the rest of their life (10,000 Days).

If you have a passion for college students, don’t mind late nights, and want to invest in the next generation we would love to connect with you!

Prayer Team

Our founding pastor set the vision for Center Point to be a church committed to prayer. We believe that we are not only instructed to pray from God's Word, but that God hears and answers prayer (1 John 5:15).

Prayer Team serves the church by going before the Lord in prayer every Sunday morning during each service (9:15 - 11:00). Praying that God would move in people's hearts and lives as they hear the Gospel preached and sung. If you are eager to see the Lord move in our church, then we would love to have you join us!

Serve in our church

Use your unique gifts to impact the world.

If you are interested in serving at Center Point, we have many options available for you.  
For general questions about serving, email

Questions about serving?

We love to clarify requirements for serving at Center Point.