Matthew 15:21-39
December 2nd, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 15:21-29This woman seems like she would be the last person on earth who could truly understand who Jesus is, and yet, much like the centurion in Matthew 8, she sees Him for ex...  Read More
Matthew 15:1-20
December 1st, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 15:1-20The Pharisees accuse the disciples of not obeying “the tradition of the elders”. You might ask, “What is the ‘Tradition of the Elders?’”It goes back to Ezra and Nehemia...  Read More
Matthew 14:22-36
November 30th, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 14:22-36The humanity and deity of Jesus is on full display in this passage. It is true that Jesus is both fully God AND fully man. He is not a hybrid of God and man; he is ful...  Read More
Matthew 14:1-21
November 29th, 2023
Today’s Passage: Matthew 14:1-21Today we have two really important stories in the gospels. We read about the death of John the Baptist and about the Feeding of the 5,000. Two stories that at first gla...  Read More
Matthew 13:44-58
November 28th, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 13:44–58A friend told me about an app he installed on his phone called WeCroak. From the app website, “The WeCroak app is inspired by a Bhutanese folk saying: to be a happy pe...  Read More
Matthew 13:24-43
November 27th, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 13:24-43 Jesus continued to teach in parable form as prophesied (Matt. 13:34-35). While a very popular and influential teaching style, there was certainly some ambiguity from ...  Read More
Matthew 13:1-23
November 25th, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 13:1-23In this parable, Jesus outlines the seed, the soil, and the response to explain the kingdom of Heaven. Let's consider these separately for a second.The SeedThe Seed is ...  Read More
Matthew 12:38-50
November 24th, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 12:38-50Jesus just finished explaining how the Pharisees will be known by their fruit, “by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.” The word...  Read More
Matthew 12:15-37
November 23rd, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 12:15-37There are three things I want us to see from today:1. Jesus is the Messiah (v. 15-21)All the other points are contingent on the first one. If Jesus is not who Isaiah p...  Read More
Matthew 12:1-14
November 22nd, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 12:1-14As we begin our study of Matthew 12:1-14, let’s briefly pause and consider the irony of the hypocritical Pharisees of accusing Jesus of breaking the law that he created...  Read More
Matthew 11
November 21st, 2023
Today’s Passage: Matthew 11Doubt is one of the most prevalent hardships for Christians. If we get honest so many of us deal with doubts and questions but we will never express them. Instead of letting...  Read More
Matthew 10
November 20th, 2023
Today's Passage: Matthew 10As we read Matthew 10, we see Jesus calling the twelve apostles. Although the apostles were a special group—who physically walked with Jesus during his life—we can relate to...  Read More

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