Amos 2
December 3rd, 2022
Today's Passage: Amos 2In Amos 1, God announced judgment on the nations surrounding Israel. If you had a map, you would see that these nations form a spiral with Israel in the middle. Chapter two conc...  Read More
Amos 1
December 2nd, 2022
Today's Passage: Amos 1One of the phrases that I couldn’t stand to hear as a child but now find myself uttering without regret as a parent is: “Because I said so!” As kids, we needed an explanation. A...  Read More
Hosea 14
December 1st, 2022
Today’s Passage: Hosea 14How are you doing Spiritually? How intimate is your relationship with Jesus at thismoment? Why? If you are going through a struggling time in your relationship withJesus, or y...  Read More
Hosea 13
November 30th, 2022
Today's Passage: Hosea 13Have you ever really wanted something but then after you got it, it really wasn’t as great as the way you had imagined it? I felt that way about getting toys that had been adv...  Read More
Hosea 12
November 29th, 2022
Today's Passage: Hosea 12 I saw a video on Facebook the other day and it reminded me of Hosea 12. It went like this:“Jeremiah, why would a good God send people to Hell?”“God doesn’t send people to Hel...  Read More
Hosea 11
November 28th, 2022
Today’s Passage: Hosea 11Hosea 11 is in the context of the unfaithfulness of Israel. (If you have been reading along with us this long this comes as no surprise to you). If nothing else, as you read t...  Read More
Hosea 10
November 26th, 2022
Today’s Passage: Hosea 10There is an attribute of God that is so apparent as you read the story and narrative ofScripture… PATIENCE. God is patient.“The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some...  Read More
Hosea 9
November 25th, 2022
Today's Passage: Hosea 9Like grapes in the wilderness,    I found Israel.Like the first fruit on the fig tree    in its first season,    I saw your fathers.But they came to Baal-peor    and consecrate...  Read More
Hosea 8
November 24th, 2022
Today's Passage: Hosea 8They shall reap the whirlwind!Have you ever heard that particular phrase uttered about you? I’m gonna go with no, wehaven’t. It’s what God said about Israel in Hosea 8:7 though...  Read More
Hosea 7
November 23rd, 2022
Today's Passage: Hosea 7Context: Israel has separated itself from Judah. God’s people are now divided. Israel currently has a terrible king. The nation of Assyria has just come in and conquered Israel...  Read More
Hosea 6
November 22nd, 2022
Today's Passage: Hosea 6The book of Hosea continually compares the relationship between God and His people to the marriage between Hosea and his unfaithful wife, Gomer. Just like Gomer’s fleeting love...  Read More
Hosea 5
November 21st, 2022
Today's Passage: Hosea 5In Hosea 5, we see God pronounce more judgment on the people of Israel because of theirunfaithfulness (v. 3-4). But I want to point out something interesting in the first verse...  Read More

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