Judges 21

Today's Passage: Judges 21

Judges 21 closes as a summary of the book as a whole: “In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (v. 25)

There was no king in Israel because God was to be their king. But God was not enough for the people. They were unsatisfied to be ruled by God alone.

Why? Because they wanted to do what was right in their own eyes rather than what was right in the eyes of God.

The ESV Study Bible says this about chapter 21:

The war against Benjamin hardly solved Israel’s spiritual and social problems. Chaos continued to reign. After the defeat of Benjamin, the remaining Israelites were regretful that one of the tribes might cease to exist (vv. 1–7). Thus, ch. 21 shows the provision for Benjamin’s continued survival. Four hundred wives were obtained through a punitive action against Jabesh-gilead, which had not joined in the original battle (vv. 8–15). Two hundred more wives were obtained through an action at Shiloh, legitimized on more flimsy grounds (vv. 16–24).

Judges is a book that exposes the utter sinfulness of man and the effects of a culture that “does what is right in his own eyes.” The questions then become: where was God during this time? Was there anyone who loved God and even attempted to do what is right in his eyes?

The answer to those questions begins to be answered in the book that we start tomorrow—join us as we dive into the book of Ruth!

Written By: Graham Withers

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