Matthew 9

Today's Passage: Matthew 9

Todd White. Benny Hinn. Dag Heward-Mills. Do any of these names ring a bell or can you think of a common thread between them? These are all names listed as the greatest ‘healing performers’ in today’s world; those who have (or claim to have) brought miraculous healings to thousands of people across the globe.

Regardless of your personal thoughts on the miraculous healings or the validity of these individuals, one thing is clear: Jesus healed people.

In fact, Matthew 9 contains story after story of the miraculous power of Christ and His dominion over the physical and spiritual worlds.

In verses 1-8, Jesus heals a paralytic.
In verses 9-13, Jesus heals a sinner.
In verses 18-26, Jesus heals a woman and raised a dead girl.
In verses 27-31, Jesus heals two blind men.
In verses 32-34, Jesus heals a mute man.

It’s hard to argue against the importance of healing in the ministry of Jesus. No matter the gender, background, or infirmity of the individual, Jesus was willing and able to heal.

The one thing to remember is the REASON Jesus healed people. Yes, it was to restore life and vitality. Sure, it was to show His sovereignty and authority over sickness and disease. BUT, the biggest reason Jesus healed people is because He was using these miracles as case studies for the Kingdom.

Every sight restored, every voice given back, every dead carcass raised, and every demon cast out is pointing forward to the purity and reality of the Kingdom that Jesus was ushering in. Jesus is making a declaration in these healings: NOT IN MY KINGDOM! Though God will allow us to suffer these for now, they will be a gone reality once Christ brings His Kingdom to fullness.

If you need healing, ASK! Maybe the very thing he wants is for you to cry out and plead. He just may answer it as you ask.

If you haven’t been healed, just know that as a follower of Jesus, all your infirmity is temporary. Just because He doesn’t (or hasn’t) healed now means nothing about his promise to do it later.

The most important part of this is the Kingdom. For His glory. Are you a citizen of the Kingdom? Have you repented and trusted in Jesus? If not, this is the spiritual healing you so desperately need. If you have, look up and know that Jesus still has power to do it today. Wait on Him; either for the answer here, or the answer there. Either way, it’s coming!

Written By: Drew Dukes

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