1 Samuel 29

Today's Passage: 1 Samuel 29

One universal struggle that every human being suffers from is rejection. Whether it be on the elementary school playground, by a trusted friend, or not being the one chosen for the job, rejection hurts. It’s an emotional punch to the gut when someone points a finger at you and says, ‘not them.’

David had done right by God. He was faithful to fulfill whatever tasks assigned to him and had won favor with a lot of people because of his skill and integrity. However, that moment of rejection came. As the Philistines and Israelites were joining forces to go to war, David got the cold shoulder from the Philistine lords who did not want his company during this fight.

Send the man back…he shall not go with us lest in the battle he become an adversary to us. (v. 4)

David’s response was the most human and relatable response: “What did I do??” To which Achish responded, “I know that you haven’t done anything wrong, but they have said no, so you need to leave in the morning.” (paraphrasing verses 8-9).

This is where David really shines. Not in his argumentative skills or persuasion to let him fight; it was in his ability to accept rejection and keep his character intact. Many people lose themselves in moments like this. They come undone and unravel in their morality. David did not. He remained steadfast and obeyed.

If you are facing rejection or when you do in the future, here’s the most appropriate question: will my character remain in the face of being rejected? It sends an incredible message about your trust in God and identity in Christ when you humbly receive rejection and keep your character. Don’t lose it, it’s not worth it. Cling to Jesus, know that in Him you are accepted, and go about your day with your character intact.

Written By: Drew Dukes

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