Acts 10:1-48

Today's Passage: Acts 10:1-48

I can remember a scene from a silly old rom-com movie where a gentleman was eating a pack of M&M’s but was discarding all the colors except for the brown ones. When asked why he didn’t eat the other colors and only brown, he stated: “The way I see it, the brown ones have the least amount of artificial coloring because chocolate is already brown.”

Preference, right? Probably poor logic too, but that’s what makes for good movies. Humanity has always found some way to segregate and operate our lifestyles based on personal preference. If we look hard enough, any person can find how preferences to something hinder our attention or care for something else.

Peter received this vision from the Lord in Acts 10 as a picture that God is commanding the church to refrain from differentiating based on color or nationality. The vision of Peter’s ability to eat what was once considered unclean mirrors God’s desire to see Gentiles included into this salvation plan that used to only be reserved for the Jews.

“but God has shown me that I should not call any person common or unclean…” (v. 28)

Notice in the same chapter as this revelation had come to Peter, an incredible outpouring came to the Gentile nations. God was pleased for His Spirit to dwell in those who were once unclean. A true picture of the gospel, considering we too, are Gentiles.

What a great reminder that God shows no partiality or favoritism. How incredible to consider that God sees people as image bearers and loves all kinds of people in the exact same way. Salvation has come to anyone who would call upon the name of the Lord, and may our individual lives reflect the same unbiased favor for all people like that of God Himself.

Are there any unnecessary preferences that need to die in your life today?

Written By: Drew Dukes

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