Ruth 2

Today’s Passage: Ruth 2 

Chapter 2 depicts the pivotal moment when Ruth meets Boaz. From a human perspective this meeting would seem coincidental, but in the midst of mourning and brokenness, there is no accidental redemption.

No, redemption can only be found through the providential planning of the Lord of all things. Even in the way that the author of Ruth writes you can see that they are hinting at how God will provide from the first verse of chapter 2.

“Now Naomi had a relative of her husband’s, a worthy man of the clan of Elimelech, whose name was Boaz.”

Not only is Boaz depicted as capable, but he is described as worthy. This term seems to describe an overall culmination of excellent character, social standing, wealth and strength. By the time Boaz is officially introduced in verse 4, we already know that he is someone that we are to pay special attention to.

The character of Boaz is displayed through his interaction with his workers and in the care that he shows Ruth.

Ruth describes herself as a foreigner, but her words and her actions display a life that was transformed by the power of God. Boaz encourages her with the fruit that evidences this transformation.

“The LORD repay you for what you have done, and a full reward be given you by the LORD, the God of Israel under whose wings you have come to take refuge.”

There is a promise that all who come to take refuge in the one true God will find redemption. Boaz was not only capable of redeeming Ruth, he was worthy to redeem her, and through God’s guidance Boaz was able to redeem Ruth.

God has guided redemption for all of His people by sending God the Son, Jesus. He displayed His worthiness through His character and actions during His life. He took on the wrath that our sin deserved by being the only worthy, spotless lamb. And He rose from the dead declaring once and for all that He is the only one worthy and that all who come to Him will be brought from death to life.

Written By: Paulette Carwile

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