Ruth 1:1-13

Today's Passage: Ruth 1:1-13

Many of you are probably familiar with the book of Ruth, as we just finished studying Ruth together on Sunday mornings. But as a refresher, today we are going to do an overview of the book of Ruth.

As seen in verse 1 of the book of Ruth, these events are happening during the same time as the book of Judges. Having just completed this book, you know that one of the themes of Judges is exposing the brokenness of sin. Yesterday, we were left with the questions: “Where was God during this time? Was there anyone who loved God and even attempted to do what is right in his eyes?”

Ruth offers a glimpse, that even in seasons of intense sin and brokenness in culture, honoring God is still possible.

The ESV Study Bible offers a simple theme to this book: “This book highlights how God’s people experience his sovereignty, wisdom, and covenant kindness. These often come disguised in hard circumstances and are mediated through the kindness of others.”

The book of Ruth is a book about redemption. It is a theme seen over and over again in the book. As you read, look not only at the redemption of the life of Ruth, but how it points to the truer and fuller redemption offered through Jesus Christ.

Written By: Graham Withers

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