Judges 17

Today’s Passage: Judges 17

hapter 17 does not depict another Judge over Israel, but it gives a snapshot of what life was like during this time. It shows the complete spiritual ignorance throughout the land that was leading to Israel’s decay.

The name Micah means, “Who is like Yahweh?,” Yet both he and his mother fashion an idol to worship in their home. Micah also has a Levite live with him to be a priest for his family. Despite the meaning of Micah’s name, neither he nor his mother truly knows and worships Yahweh.

There are so many people who thirst for spiritual fulfillment in our lives. They are desperate to worship something or someone. They seek to please or earn favor from the various gods in their lives hoping that those gods will satisfy their hearts, but they are all spiritually ignorant to the only true God.

Judges 17:6 (ESV): In those days there was no king in Israel. Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.

Verse 6 becomes a theme throughout the end of the book of Judges, and in many ways, it is the theme of the lost world we live in today. The false gods that the world worships are leading them further and further from the God who can truly save and satisfy them. You and I are called to do something about it!
1. Clean out your house. John Calvin rightly said, “Our hearts are idol factories.” We are quick to worship worthless things rather than the holy God. So ask the Lord to reveal to you the gods in your heart that you need to cast out. Pursue God and his manifest presence in your life - the kind that produces spiritual zeal, and be content with nothing less. Ask for His help in your pursuit.

2.  Obey the Great Commission. The world is spiritually ignorant to Yahweh, and you know Him! More than that, you walk with Him! So go - tell them where their souls can find hope, joy, and life. Jesus commanded us to evangelize - to take the Gospel to the ends of the world, so take the first step and be obedient right where you are. Your mission field is your office, your family, and your neighborhood. Ask for gospel opportunities.

Written By: Joe Weaver

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