Judges 14

Today’s Passage: Judges 14

Today we continue in the middle of Samson’s story. As we are going to learn, Samson was not a very upstanding guy. He had his moments, though brief, of following God but overall his story is marked by pride, selfishness, arrogance, lust, and a myriad of other things. But through Samson’s story we see this beautiful truth of God...

GOD IS 100% IN CONTROL... 100% OF THE TIME. Where we see chaos God sees control. This is really important to rest in because all throughout the Bible God is using imperfect people who try to do things their way to accomplish His plan & purposes.

This happens in Samson’s story. He marries a Philistine woman - which was against God’s law - out of his lust. But God used it anyway. God used her to open a door to get after the Philistines - the current enemy of Israel.

OUR SIN CANNOT THWART GOD’S PURPOSES. At the end of the day God is God and we are not. We cannot thwart His purposes. God used him. And God even anointed him with His Holy Spirit. God had a plan for Samson just like God has a plan for you and for your life.

But we must never forget... THINGS GO BETTER WHEN WE DO THEM GOD’S WAY. God can use whoever He wants, whenever He wants, to do whatever He wants but there is no doubt God is looking for obedience. As we will see in Samson’s story, he never quite fully submitted his heart to God and ultimately it cost him dearly.

WHENEVER WE DO THINGS OUR WAY IT COSTS US. This is a universal truth. We do things God’s way, not our way. So the question is (1) Where are you doing things your way? (2) Where is your heart not submitted to God? (3) How can you follow God closer today?

Written By: Nick Parsons

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