Matthew 8:18-34

Today's Passage: Matt 8:18-34

The Gospel of Matthew continually makes us ask the question, “Who is this man?” There is perhaps no question more important in our lives than that…who is Jesus? We have already seen that He is Lord over sickness and disease, but chapter 8 expands His authority to nature and spiritual forces, answering without a doubt that Jesus is the Son of Man and the Son of God.

The storm arises as the disciples and Jesus are in the boat. The religious culture at the time saw nature (specifically wind and sea) as forces controlled only by gods. Even today, it is commonly referred to as Mother Nature. So when Jesus speaks the wind and waves, and they respond in obedience, the disciples are left in awe. Who is this man?

To further the point, in the next story, Jesus turns his attention to Spiritual/demonic forces. Ironically, while everyone is trying to answer, “Who is this man?” the demons recognize him immediately - “Son of God.” Jesus speaks to the demons and they too respond in obedience.

There is no doubt, Jesus is God in the flesh. Every power and authority responds with humble obedience to the Son of God, but what about you? Have you answered the question, Who is this man? If He is your God and Savior, then have you responded in obedience to His voice? Because if He is truly the Son of Man and Son of God, then there is only one proper response to His call.

In Matthew 14, the disciples find themselves in a similar situation to our story in chapter 8. They are on a boat on the Sea of Galilee and another storm arises. This time, Jesus meets them by walking on the water. He speaks to the wind and waves and once again they listen, but this time the disciples’ response is different. Flip over to Matthew 14:32-33 and read their response.

Written By: Joe Weaver

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