Isaiah 27

Today's Passage: Isaiah 27

In this passage, God promises two very important truths; both for this life currently and with
some eschatological (end-times) application as well.

Israel has a history of being under attack. For decades, they’ve fought their way through
Egyptian slavery, battled against foes at their borders, and gone to war within their own
kingdom. It’s been a bit of a mess, or so it seems, for God’s people.

When Isaiah 27 comes along, a strong sense of relief commences as God makes a declaration of
His intention toward Israel’s foes: Israel will be victorious. Isaiah prophesies that the LORD
(YAHWEH) will come with a sword described as hard, great, and strong. This is a formidable
weapon against any tyrant, in this case, the tyrant being the Leviathan/dragon.

See this link for more information about the symbolism behind this creature:

With the impending destruction (slaying) of the foes that form against Israel, they sing a
celebration of the victory they will experience by the triumph of their Chief Warrior who causes
the most intimidating forces to take flight.

Here’s some confidence for Israel:

v. 2: I, the Lord, am its keeper (the vineyard refers to Israel)
v. 6: Israel shall blossom and put forth shoots and fill the whole world with its fruit.
v. 8: he removed them (their enemies) by his fierce breath…
v. 9: therefore by this the guilt of Jacob will be atoned for

What does this mean? Present day, it reminds us that our enemies have been defeated by the
very power of God. No one can march against Him in battle, for He alone has power to defeat
and has in fact conquered death through Jesus Christ. It means our struggle with sin may linger,
but it has no power over us to hold us hostage. The sword has been swung, Jesus has been
crucified and raised, and the serpent has been rendered defeated.

It also points forward to what Christ will finish at His second coming. The pages are written and
the story is already told: Christ is victorious! The trumpet will blow, Christ will descend, and
those who were formerly driven out by sin will have an unbelievable homecoming at the New
Jerusalem. This is promised to us, all the way back in the days of Isaiah.

Take heart, brother and sister in Christ. The victory is won! The serpent is defeated! We will be
restored on that day, so we keep our eyes up as we await the final swing of the sword when
Christ puts it all to an end forever.

Written By: Drew Dukes

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