Isaiah 21

Today’s Passage: Isaiah 21

Isaiah 21 begins a second series of oracles and prophecies against the nations. From
these we see how in control that God is over all that happens in the world... even
when it doesn’t seem to be that way. There are three oracles in chapter 21 but I want to
zero in on Babylon.

Babylon is a Persian city with a lot of Biblical significance. There are many stories in
the Bible that includes them:

●    The tower of Babel in Genesis 11.
●    This is the evil city King Nebuchadnezzar ruled in Daniel
●    This is the city that took captive Israel.

Babylon is a significant player in the Old Testament. They are known for being evil,
following their own ways, and worshiping idols (v.9). Israel had to have wondered
when God was going to bring justice.

But God is still on His throne. He will not let evil go unchecked. It reminds me of
Psalm 37 where the Psalmist writes “Fret not because of evildoers, they will wither
quickly like the grass.” Even when things seem out of control God is in control.
What do we learn from this?

1. We get what we sow. Sow the right things (Galatians 6:7)
2. Evil can look like it is winning. It is not.
3. There is no earthly hope for us. Our hope lies in heaven.
4. Trust that God is in control and rest in HIm.
5. Let God take care of His own business with people.

Written By: Nick Parsons

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