2 Samuel 6:16-23

Today's Passage: 2 Samuel 6:16-23

If you recall, Michal had been given to David as his wife after his conquering of the hundreds of the Philistines. However, as David Toshio Tsumura puts it,

“Michal is identified not as David’s wife but as the daughter of Saul, and she shares in Saul’s lack of spiritual discernment. She should have been rejoicing with David “and all the house of Israel” (v. 5) at this great occasion, for the Lord himself was coming to dwell in the midst of his people in Jerusalem.”

Now that David has been named king over her father Saul, there has been a shift in her attitude. Perhaps it is out of jealousy for her father, but it also seems that she does not approve of how David is handling his new kingship. In her bitterness, she interprets David’s clothing choice as immodest and indecent instead of simple.

It’s hard for us to completely judge Michal’s motives here, but one possible motive that is revealed is a lack of trust in God’s sovereignty. This is due to the fact that she seems frustrated with David’s appointment as king over her father, an appointment made by God.

What are times in your life where you have been frustrated with the sovereign plan of God? Are you more prone to become bitter or to trust in God’s sovereign plan?

Written By: Graham Withers

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