2 Samuel 6:1-15

Today’s Passage: 2 Samuel 6:1-15

This is an intriguing story in 2 Samuel. David wants to bring the Ark of the Lord to Jerusalem. No one knows exactly why. Maybe because it was the “holy city”. Maybe because, as we learn in 2 Samuel 7, he wants to build a temple to the Lord. Maybe for political reasons as he was officially King. Maybe for some other reason.

But as Warren Wiersebe astutely pointed out in His commentary, several things were wrong/off with this story:

●  David never sought God’s direction.
●  David formulated a “better” way to carry the Ark.
●. David seemed to be rushing into this decision.

It would have been normal for David to seek God’s direction before acting. But instead he was seeking God’s blessing to his action. How often is this us? We want God to bless OUR decision instead of seeking HIS desire.

It was clearly laid out in the law that the ark was to be carried on the shoulders of the men. However, it was heavy and David formulated a “better” way. It would be on the cart pulled by the oxen and the men would guard it. Seemed like a good idea. Except the oxen stumbled, Uzzah tried to catch it, and it cost him his life. It is easy to look at that and ask God why... but we should be looking at David for not following the instructions from God to begin with. How often do we try to do things our way? Even things FOR God?

We have to remember - Things just go better when we do them God’s way
We can “work” for God. But we need to do God’s work God’s way. He has laid out “how” in the Scriptures. We are in a dangerous spot in our world where if we are not careful we think we know how to do it better than God.

What do we do?
1.  Know God’s Word.
2.  Cling to God’s Word.
3.  Obey God’s Word.

Don’t compromise. Don’t figure out a “better” way (there is none). Don’t do things your way. Do things God’s way.

Written By: Nick Parsons

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