Acts 9:1-35

Today's Passage: Acts 9:1-35

“You cannot come into contact with the resurrected Christ and remain unchanged.” -Tim Parsons

The conversion of Saul is absolutely miraculous. We met him in Acts 7 when Stephen, the first martyr in the budding Christian faith, is stoned to death. After further persecution of these believers, Saul then goes to the high priest to ask for permission to head to Damascus so that he could find and imprison more Christians there. On the road to Damascus, Jesus confronts him and Saul realizes that Jesus is the Yahweh that Saul has been trying to follow through these heinous acts he has committed. Saul repents,  and he goes from a murderer to a missionary, from zealous Pharisee to devoted Apostle, from pedigree to church planter and then prisoner. He wrote the majority of the New Testament and is a hero of the faith for many.

We should absolutely look to Saul/Paul and to his example as he endured suffering, persecution, mocking, etc. for the sake of sharing the name of Jesus. He pointed to Christ throughout his life after his conversion, and God used him immensely in the faith to lead and encourage not only the believers of the time, but even us today. But I also want to implore you to remember this: your salvation by grace through faith is just as much a miracle as is described in Acts 9.

All of us were once separated from God by our sin. There was nothing in our power to change that. We were all once actively choosing our own way instead of God’s way, just like Paul was. It took God sending His Son, Jesus, to take on the punishment for our sin and then defeat sin and death through His resurrection for us to be able to have the opportunity to repent and have a right relationship with God. That fact that God calls, justifies, sanctifies, and glorifies those who are in a relationship with Him through Jesus is miraculous in and of itself.

How often do you thank God for your salvation? Take some time praising and thanking God for this!

Written By: Kaitlin White

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