Acts 8:26-40

Today's Passage: Acts 8:26-40

I love this story in Acts so much, and there are a few things we can learn from it:

1. If the Lord calls, GO! (v. 26-27a)

Philip was obedient to the Lord. He didn’t say, “God, going to Gaza is not on my schedule today. How about sometime next week?” Instead, when God commanded Philip to do something, he went. We can miss out on what God might be doing in our life or someone else’s if we are not obedient to the Lord.

2. People are searching (v. 27b-31)

Gospel conversations are not always this easy, but sometimes they are. People are looking for hope, purpose, and joy. We have all of that in Jesus! Let us take off the blinders of busyness and see the people in our lives who need Jesus.

3. Be ready (v. 32-35)

Philip was able to share the Gospel with the Ethiopian Eunuch, because he knew the Gospel. He knew Isaiah was pointing us to Jesus. He had the answers this guy longed to know. Are you ready to share the Gospel at any moment? If your answer is no, ask someone to help you (whether a discipler, staff member, or myself But as believers, we should be great at sharing the good news of Jesus to the lost world.

Where has the Lord called you? Workplace? Friend? Family Member?

And once you know where, are you ready to share the Gospel with the people God has laid on your heart?

Evangelism gets my blood pumping so if I can help you in anyway, please don’t hesitate to reach out! You can get in contact with me at the email listed above.

Written By: Brice Stockton

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