Exodus 12:1-22

Today's Passage: Exodus 12:1-22

Exodus 12 introduces one of the most significant events in Biblical history, and ultimately, the history of the world.

Here’s a simple recounting of what we see:
  • The disobedience and rebellion of Pharaoah is going to result in death.
  • God is requiring a sacrifice without blemish to cover His people.
  • This sacrifice results in freedom from the death that is being brought because of the rebellion and disobedience of others.

God also institutes a feast and day of remembrance so that the people of Israel would forever acknowledge the grace and care of God to pass over them because of the sacrifice of another according to the words of God.

It’s probably obvious, but let’s not overlook the gospel connections we see in this passage and how it ultimately points to Christ.

  • Death is ultimately what we deserve because of our sin. (Rom. 6:23)
  • The only way we can be forgiven of our sin, and therefore spiritual death, is through the sacrifice of a perfect lamb.
  • Jesus went to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. He was observing the Passover meal with his disciples when he instituted the Lord’s Supper. This was to show us how Jesus is the great fulfillment of what God promised through the Passover.
    • Hebrews 9:22 — Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.

The Passover points us to our need for Christ and what he has accomplished on our behalf.

Written By: Graham Withers

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