Hosea 3-4

Today's Passage: Hosea 3-4

Hosea 3-4

Hosea 3 begins with God telling Hosea to go back to his unfaithful wife as a parable to God and his continued pursuit of unfaithful Israel.

As has already been said, Hosea and Gomer is a real life parable of the unfaithfulness of Israel to God. They were being drawn away from God to other idols. This is a matter of worship.

“Worship of Baal is not just a violation of the first of the Ten Commandments (Ex. 20:3), it is a betrayal of that intimate and endearing union that God made with his people. Idolatry, therefore, is depicted as spiritual adultery, transgression against the marriage between the Lord and Israel.” (ESV Study Bible)

Chapter 3 verse 5 reveals that God’s ultimate heart is that they would repent from their idolatry and come back to him.

The weight of Israel’s (and our) sin should be overwhelming, but so should God’s mercy and grace.

Search your heart today, to see if there is any idolatry in your life you need to repent from.

Written By: Graham Withers

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