Romans 3:1-20

Today's Passage: Romans 3:1-20

The book of Romans is my favorite book of the Bible. I’m sure that is the case for many of you! It was written by Paul to the church in Rome, which was composed of both Jews and Gentiles.

The Jewish people within the church thought that because they were ethnically from the line of Abraham that they were in a better position with God than the Gentiles, but Paul goes through the history of the Jews and shows that they are just as broken as the other nations. They had the law of God, which showed them how to live according to God’s standards, but they still fell into idolatry and brokenness! Paul says that they are actually more guilty than the Gentiles because they had the Torah and should have known better.

What this passage ultimately shows us is the inherent sin within each of us. God created the world. He created the first people, Adam and Eve, and created them to be in relationship with Him. But they sinned, disobeying God, believing they knew better than their Creator. Because of this, we are sinners. But we don’t just practice sin, our core is corrupted, separating us from a holy God. No one is inherently good, not even one of us. We are unable to perfectly obey God’s moral law, and the purpose of the law was never to save, but to reveal our need for a Savior.

Tomorrow in Romans 3:21-31 we will read about the good news of Jesus for sinners in this world. Praise God today for this good news is for all people, and that when we come into a relationship with God through Jesus our sins are forgiven!

Written By: Kaitlin White

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