Psalm 43

Today's Passage: Psalm 43

“Be not anxious because of you helplessness. Above all, do not let it prevent you from praying. Helplessness is the real secret and the impelling power of prayer. You should therefore rather try to thank God for the feeling of helplessness which He has given to you. It is one of the greatest gifts which God can impart to us. For it is only when we are helpless that we open our hearts to Jesus and let Him help us in our distress, according to His grace and mercy.” (Prayer, Hallesby, 23)

Too often our circumstances, and especially our sin, drive us away from God. Ironically, those things should drive us to the Throne of Grace. We are helpless, even when we boldly go to God after a few days of doing well—as if we can clean ourselves up enough to stand before him unashamed. Even in our best days, weeks, or months, we remain utterly helpless. We must acknowledge our helplessness as the starting point that drives us to the Lord.

The author of Psalm 43 understands how helpless he is. Again, he is surrounded by ungodly people who oppress and deceive. The Psalmist wants vindication and rescue, but more than anything, he wants to return to God’s Holy Hill.

He cried out, “Send out your light and your truth and let them lead me; let them bring me to your holy hill and to your dwelling.” In the author’s helplessness, he wanted nothing more than to return to the Lord’s presence.

What are you facing right now and where is it driving you? Are the challenges in your life causing you to run to the Lord’s presence or away from it? Are you looking to the solutions to problems as the savior or are you looking at the Savior as the solution to your problems?

Helplessness is the attitude to which we arrive when we come the end of ourselves. When we know we are not smart enough, strong enough, _______ enough, to deal with the circumstances and challenges of life. The enemy of helplessness is self-sufficiency. One of the dangers of self-sufficiency is equating your problems with Hell and the solutions a savior. Do you need more money? Then a new job or promotion becomes the object of your affection and desire.

There are countless areas of discontentment, trouble, and pain that drive us to many potential saviors. It’s only when those things drive us to the Savior, that we can ultimately Hope in God; for I shall again praise him, my salvation and my God.

Written By: Tyler Short


Liz Wynstra - September 12th, 2022 at 7:27am

“Are you looking to the solutions to problems as the savior or are you looking at the Savior as the solution to your problems?”

That really hit home for me!

Natalie Littlefield - September 12th, 2022 at 8:31pm

Great post, Tyler! Lots of important thoughts to chew on.

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