Psalm 2

Today's Passage: Psalm 2

Psalms is a special book. It is a book that God allows people to express how they feel. It puts words to our speechlessness. It helps us process life. It truly is a book that brings worship and wisdom into our lives. It is language for our soul.

One of the first steps in understanding any Psalm well is to identify its genre. There are several different types of Psalms. There are Psalms of:

  • Praise
  • Lament
  • Trust
  • Thanksgiving
  • Kingship (Royal Psalms)
  • Remembrance
  • Wisdom

There are probably some more. There are probably some that should have a category all their own but these are helpful broad categories in which to interpret.

The Psalms are full of parallelism and symbolism. It is important that we do not underestimate the intentionality of the writer.

Today we have Psalm 2 - which is considered a Royal Psalm as it points to the kingship rule of Jesus Christ. Let’s walk through it together.

1) PERSECUTION (v.1-3)

You can read the language used for yourself, but they are experiencing persecution from the nations. They are crying to God about it. They feel pushed down and out. They feel abused. The people have risen against, banded against the Lord and His Anointed. Have you ever felt like that?

2) VICTORY (v.4-9)

God reminds them and they remind themselves of the victory they have in God. He is ENTHRONED. He is above it all. He is sovereign. He has the final say. The NIV says that He “installed” His chosen King - which we know from knowing our Bible is Jesus Christ. And they are finding peace in the truth of the victory they already have in Jesus. How do you remind yourself that you have victory in and through Jesus?

3) WORSHIP (v.10-12)

Verse 10 starts with “Therefore”... and is saying as a result of this we are commanded and commissioned to worship. Worship should define our lives. It should define our hearts. When we grasp the victory we have in the Son it is a natural response. How do you have rhythms of worship in your week outside of church?

How did God speak to you today?

Written By: Nick Parsons

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