Luke 10:1-29

Luke 10:1-29

In this passage, we see a group of disciples be sent out ahead of Jesus to proclaim to people that the Kingdom of God was near. The disciples that were sent were given authority by Jesus, and through this they healed the sick, cast out demons, and were used by God to lead people to Himself.

There is so much in this passage that stood out to me. This past Thursday, several of Center Point’s staff went to a North American Mission Board luncheon, and the speaker taught through Matthew 9:35-38. These verses are similar to Luke 10:2-3. He pointed out that Jesus sees a lost populace and looks at it as an opportunity, not a chore! Those who were sent out heard this from Christ, and the implication is they obeyed with joy!

It says in verse 17 that the disciples also came back with joy because they had been used by God. Jesus responds in a way that seems to say, “Of course the demons are subject to you. I saw their leader cast out of heaven. I am the source of authority that makes them subject to you.” But He also cautions them: all this is great, but the greater miracle is the possibility of a repaired relationship between man and God.

It’s easy when being used by God to end up glorifying yourself instead of Him. This is what I tend to fall into! I actually have the phrase, “It’s not about me” written on my white board in my office as a reminder. The real miracle is that I have a relationship with God through Jesus, not the things I do. This passage reminded me of this again, especially the fact that though these disciples were healing people, casting out demons, and being used by God, their names aren’t even listed. Because it wasn’t about them!

Have you been serving or working for your own glory, or for God’s glory? Do you see lost people as ripe for the harvest, or impossible for the Lord to work in?

 By: Kaitlin White

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Ronnie Chaffins - June 10th, 2022 at 4:33am

Thank you Kaitlin. I had not thought about the fact that the names of the 70 sent were never mentioned. Do we serve the Lord and do His works to be seen or do we serve out of love because He loved us first and gave the greatest gift that could be given, Himself! In Revelation 2: 1-7, Jesus had this against the church at Ephesus that they had left their first love! Our love for the Master and Lord should be the priority; if that stays strong and true the works for His kingdom will always follow and prosper. It is always about our Lord and Savior and His righteousness, His grace and mercy.

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