Luke 1:1-25

Luke 1:1-25

As we dive into a new book of the Bible, I just want to take a moment and say thank you for faithfully reading Jumpstart. We appreciate your faithfulness to God’s Word!

On Saturday, October 1st, 1932 during game 3 or the World series the legendary Babe Ruth was up to bat when he did something no one expected. Tension was high between the homefield Cubs and the Yankees, and fans were screaming and jeering The Babe. With 2 balls and 2 strikes, Ruth stepped away from the plate and pointed his bat to the outfield. On the next pitch, he slugged it right out of the park where he had pointed. Instantly, the “Called Shot” went down as one of the greatest all-time moments in baseball history.

From our passage today in Luke 1 I’d like to make two points. First, have you ever wondered why so many times in Scripture God called his shots? Think about this, God didn’t simply allow Elizabeth to miraculously get pregnant. Rather, first, he told Zecharias that he would—he called his shot.

I heard one seminary professor say it this way, “The only proof God ever gives for himself is saying he will do something, then doing it.” We know from the prophets like Isaiah, Malachi, and others that the coming of John the Baptist was foretold, but here we see a much closer foretelling.
Zacharias, as a priest, would have known the prophecy concerning the forerunner of the Messiah, but he never expected it to be his son. He and his wife were so far beyond child-bearing years that the words of Gabriel were impossible. It’s easy to give Zacharias a hard time for his response in verse 18, “How will I know this for certain?” However, his confusion is understandable if you put yourself in his shoes. Can God accomplish all that he says he will do—even when it seems impossible?

The second point to consider is Luke’s introduction. Despite the reports and other writings of the day, Luke sought to “investigate everything carefully from the beginning.” Luke had the advantage of being able to speak to first-hand witnesses. His letter to Theophilus is an orderly account of his findings giving us an amazing picture of the life and teaching of Jesus.

Based on these two points, have you followed Luke’s example and done your own investigation? Likewise, are you taking God at his word—even when it seems impossible?

It is imperative that we search the scriptures for ourselves. Likewise, when God makes a promise, take God at his word! For instance, investigate what God promises regarding our giving. Investigate what God promises regarding being involved in spiritual community—living out the “one another’s of scripture.” Investigate what God promises regarding those who place faith in Him for salvation. Or, investigate the consequences of disobedience, failing to take God at his Word.

God, through the angel Gabriel told Zecharias that he would have a son and his son would be the forerunner that was promised long ago; and then God did it. In your investigation of scripture, you’ll see that God’s said he’s going to do many things that haven’t yet been accomplished, do you believe him?

By: Tyler Short

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Pat Chaffins - May 9th, 2022 at 6:27am

Great commentary Tyler. God will always be faithful to his Word.

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