Nehemiah 9

Nehemiah 9

In Nehemiah 8, we see an inspiring account of the law of God being read and the people’s passionate response to it. In chapter 9, we see more reaction, as the people are moved to fast and confess their sins. There was more standing and reading for a quarter of the day! The other quarter of the day was spent with more confession and more worship of God.

Throughout the chapter, we see the people of Isreal interacting with God through worship and confession. In verses 9-31, there is a recapturing of salvation history, as the sin and rebellion of the people was confessed and repented from in light of the character and promises of God.

The picture that is painted in this chapter is a true picture of our God. The mercy and grace of God is a characteristic that is attributed to to him multiple times.

17 They refused to obey and were not mindful of the wonders that you performed among them, but they stiffened their neck and appointed a leader to return to their slavery in Egypt. But you are a God ready to forgive, gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love, and did not forsake them. 18 Even when they had made for themselves a golden calf and said, ‘This is your God who brought you up out of Egypt,’ and had committed great blasphemies, 19 you in your great mercies did not forsake them in the wilderness. The pillar of cloud to lead them in the way did not depart from them by day, nor the pillar of fire by night to light for them the way by which they should go.

27 Therefore you gave them into the hand of their enemies, who made them suffer. And in the time of their suffering they cried out to you and you heard them from heaven, and according to your great mercies you gave them saviors who saved them from the hand of their enemies. 8 But after they had rest they did evil again before you, and you abandoned them to the hand of their enemies, so that they had dominion over them. Yet when they turned and cried to you, you heard from heaven, and many times you delivered them according to your mercies.

31 Nevertheless, in your great mercies you did not make an end of them or forsake them, for you are a gracious and merciful God.

God is worthy of our confession. He is worthy of our worship. Allow the grace and mercy of God to dominate your thoughts today.

By: Graham Withers

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