The god who builds {nehemiah}

Nehemiah was an ordinary man who had the privilege of doing something extraordinary for God. He developed a radical faith and a courageous soul, layed out a strategic plan, and stayed committed to the process.

See, Nehemiah was a leader with a burden to see God put things back like they used to be in his hometown. Time and outside forces, along with lack of proper upkeep, had allowed the walls of the city to be in major disarray. God used Nehemiah’s heart and vision to lead a team of committed people to get things back to the way the should be. 


Things a bit in disarray there?  Are they a little battered by the world?  Deteriorating from lack of upkeep? 

What if God wants to rebuild something in us so he can do something profound through us?

That’s what this series is all about. This is a study of rebuilding... don’t miss a week. It will be exactly what you need.

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