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Tim Parsons

Lead Pastor

Facebook: timjparsons
Twitter: @TimJParsons

Responsibilities: I have the incredible privilege of leading the staff and leadership team with the vision that God gives me, I get to teach God’s Word weekly and lead the team that does it, and I spend time each week meeting with CPC attenders for discipleship, mentoring, and to meet them for the first time or share the wonderful message of the Gospel with them.
Family: Married to Susan and dad to Kasey, Nick, and Sarah.
Hometown: Born in PA - but grew up in the mountains of WV - I’ve spent most of my ministry time in KY.
Education & Experience: BS from Liberty University, MA from Lexington Baptist College, and further educational work at LU.
What brought you to CPC: The call of God - we lived in Lexington and we felt moved by God to return and launch Center Point.
Favorite movie/TV show: Movie: The Patriot and Christmas movies of all kinds. TV: Timeless.
Favorite type of music or band: Hillsong, Passion, Karie Jobe, Vertical Church Band.
Favorite book other than the Bible: Developing the Leader within you (Maxwell), Pursuit of Holiness (Bridges), The Ministry of Nurture (Robbins), Teaching to Change Lives (Hendricks).
Hobbies/interests: Outdoors: Hunting, Fishing, and Camping, Ham Radio, my kids.
What do you love most about your job: It’s an honor to invest my life in others here. I’m addicted to seeing life-change - whether in salvation, discipleship, or repentance. I never get over it!
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Erik Koliser

West Campus Pastor

Facebook: erikkoliser
Twitter: @erikkoliser

Responsibilities: Pastor of Center Point Church, West Campus. Shepherding the flock and sending out missionaries around us.
Family: Married to my beautiful bride, Jessica since 2005. God has graciously given us 4 kids. Olivia (born in 2009), Liam (born in 2011), Lila Grace & Carter (born in in 2015).
Hometown: Born and raised in Youngstown, Ohio.
Education & Experience: Bachelor of Science in Youth Ministry (Boyce College), Master of Arts in Advanced Youth Ministry (Southern Seminary). Served as Indiana Campus Student Minister at Highview Baptist Church in Louisville, KY for 2 years, Jr. High Pastor at Jersey Baptist Church in Columbus, OH for 4 years, Student Pastor at Center Point Church for 4 years.
What brought you to CPC: Their emphasis on evangelism and discipleship. Childhood friend, Todd Thomas (Worship/College Pastor) informed me that they were hiring a student pastor and although I was content at the church I was currently serving in, God opened up a door for my family to move to Lexington, KY. to be a part of a church that puts the great commission before all other things.
Favorite movies/ TV shows: I don’t watch a lot of tv but I love movies. Especially movies by Christopher Nolan, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Ridley Scott, & Richard Linklater.
Favorite type of music or band: Kings Kaleidoscope, Mumford & Sons, Citizens & Saints, Jack White, Ghost Ship, The Chariot, August Burns Red, Twenty One Pilots, Thrice, Johnny Cash, The National, etc.
Favorite books other than the Bible: The Cross-Centered Life (Mahaney), According to Plan: The Unfolding Revelation of God in the Bible (Goldsworthy), Total Truth (Pearcey), Onward (Moore), Center Church (Keller), The Next Evangelicalism (Rah), the Radical Reformission (Driscoll), and anything by C.H. Spurgeon.
Hobbies/interests: Reading, Writing, Studying Culture to reach Culture, Family, Anything associated with THE Ohio State Buckeyes or any pro team from Cleveland, OH.
What do you love most about your job: Seeing the Gospel change the individual lives, marriages and families of those around us. Being a part of a Gospel community that is passionate about lifestyle evangelism and discipleship. Creating a culture of what we’ll see in a perfect heaven and earth on this broken earth right now. 
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Graham Withers

Pastoral Ministry Assistant

Facebook: withers.graham
Twitter: @graham_withers

Responsibilities: Assistant to the Lead Pastor, Overseer of the Pastoral Ministry Exposure Program
Family: Married to Shelbie (June 13th, 2015)
Hometown: Louisville, KY
Education & Experience: BS (University of Kentucky), currently working on my M. Div. at Southern Seminary.
What brought you to CPC: I started attending CPC when some friends from college invited me. I was active in the college group, served in the student ministry and at West Campus while in college. After interning at a church in Indiana for one year after college, I moved back to Lexington to marry Shelbie and come on staff as the Pastoral Ministry Apprentice.
Favorite movie/TV show: TV: The Office, Parks & Recreation, Fixer Upper (#DEMODAY) Movies: Forest Gump, Disney, Christopher Nolan (Batman Trilogy, Inception, The Prestige).
Favorite type of music or band: Needtobreathe, Ben Rector, Chris Stapleton, James Bay, Alabama Shakes, Vertical Church Band, Passion, Sojourn.
Favorite book other than the Bible: Authors: John Piper, Paul David Tripp, Jerry Bridges, C.S. Lewis, Tim Keller, David McCullough, J.K. Rowling.
Hobbies/interests: UK Basketball and Football, NBA, Photography, Graphic Design, trips to Red River Gorge, eating at Pasta Garage with Shelbie.
What do you love most about your job: Being and able to both learn and do ministry in a healthy and growing environment; getting to see people take steps of growth in Christ; seeing God bring people from death to Life.
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Tyler Short



Responsibilities: Connections Associate, overseeing Welcome Team, Assimilation, & Connect Groups
Family: Married to Erin (March 11th, 2012), daughters Josie (born August 2015) and Maggie (born September 2017).
Hometown: Richmond, KY
Education & Experience: BA in Broadcasting with a minor in Park & Rec from Easter Kentucky University, ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary with an emphasis in Educational Leadership. In addition to working for CPC, I have worked with Coaches Outreach since January, 2015 to produce curriculum for the Athlete’s Study.
What brought you to CPC: I started attending CPC with friends from college in 2009. After attending for a while I joined a Connect Group, started serving in the college ministry, on welcome, and in the band. After my wife and I married, we moved to Dallas, Texas for school, returning to Lexington and CPC in December 2015. 
Favorite movie/TV show: TV: The Flash, Wheel of Fortune. Movies: War history (Patriot, Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers), all the DC/Marvel stuff, Pixar.
Favorite type of music or band: Movies—Braveheart, Gladiator, and about any super-hero movie. TV- The NFL and especially the Dallas Cowboys, Agents of Shield (most Joss Wedon shows), Arrested Development, Frasier, and basically anything I can find on Netflix. Music—It depends on the day, I like everything—rock (Shinedown, 3 Doors Down, Red, Thousand Food Krutch), jazz/funk (Marcus Miller), bluegrass (Alison Krauss, Ricky Skaggs and the Kentucky Thunder), country (Garth Brooks, Alan Jackson), and sometimes rap (Lecrae and 116).
Favorite book other than the Bible: I am a fiction audiobook junkie—anything in the vein of Tom Clancy, John Grisham, or Michael Crichton.
Hobbies/interests: The Dallas Cowboys, Video Games (Anybody up for Rocket League?), Board Games/Table Top Games, Disc Golf, Cooking, and when I have the chance I like hiking and camping.
What do you love most about your job: I am continually fascinated by the stories of how God is active in the lives of people. God is in the life-changing business and I often have a front row seat. Life-change happens through God’s Spirit, God’s Word, and God’s people impacting the lives of others—my job allows me to create the opportunities for our people to do the work of ministry and witness changed lives change lives.
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Amanda Hoard

East Campus Elementary Director

Facebook: amanda.w.wall

Responsibilities: Overseeing CPC's Elementary Children's Ministry, mentoring and discipling children, parents, & ministry volunteers
Family: Doug Hoard (husband), Sydney Wall (daughter) born 2001, Laura Hoard (step-daughter) born 1999, and Bailey Hoard (step-daughter) born 2004.
Hometown: Paintsville, KY
Education & Experience: B.A. in Middle Grades Education from Transylvania University (1995) and Masters in Elementary Guidance and Counseling from Eastern Kentucky University (1998).  I have 17 years of experience teaching in both public and Christian schools.  
What brought you to CPC: A door hanger… I had just moved to Richmond from Lexington and was looking for a new church and a fresh start.  I attended the launch service and loved it.  After moving back to Lexington a few years later and getting involved in the East Campus, I began teaching the preschool class on Sundays. In December of 2015 I felt called to spend more time at home with my teenaged daughters, which led me to leave my full-time teaching career.  This decision was definitely a step of faith and Doug and I were not sure what God had in store for us.  Very shortly after that decision was made, Tim Parsons, CPC’s Lead Pastor, approached me about coming on staff part-time as the Elementary Children’s Director.  It immediately became very clear why God called me to leave a career that I loved!  God has put me in different positions throughout my life to lead to this very moment, and I’m so grateful for this opportunity!
Favorite movies/TV shows: Movies: The Little Mermaid, The Notebook, Oliver, and Grease.  TV shows: Fixer Upper, Property Brothers, Downton Abbey, The Voice, Mr. Selfridge, The Paradise, Sherlock, and The Walton’s
Favorite type of music or band: Contemporary Christian: Unspoken, Sidewalk Prophets, Lauren Daigle, MercyMe, Toby Mac, Casting Crowns (just to name a few). Traditional Hymns, Patsy Cline, Alison Krauss, Boyz II Men, Adele, REO Speedwagon, The Everly Brothers,  Alabama, and The Statler Brothers.
Favorite book other than the Bible: The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst, Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby, The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton, and Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl.
Hobbies/interests: Interior decorating, antiques, real estate, HGTV and DIY types of things, crafting, gardening, traveling, touring historic places and historic homes.
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Kaitlin White

East Campus Preschool Director

Facebook: kaitlin.lemaster.71
Twitter: @KaitLemaster

Responsibilities: Overseeing CPC’s Preschool/Nursery Children’s Ministry
Family: Daniel White (husband since May 2016) 
Hometown: Louisa, KY
Education and Experience: B.S. in Animal Sciences from the University of Kentucky (2017). I served as a volunteer for this ministry for two years!
What brought you to CPC: After feeling convicted about finding a home church while in college, a friend, who is now my brother-in-law, recommended CPC. He went to seminary with Todd and Erik and knew how great they were!
            After a long period of struggling with and praying about my career and future after college, God presented this opportunity at CPC. I knew then that this was the position God had intended for me! It has been such a blessing to be here, and I’m excited to see all that God does through this ministry!
Favorite movies/TV shows: Movies:Tangled, The Lion King, The Giver, TV Shows: Fixer Upper, The Office, Parks and Recreation, Sherlock, The Flash, Arrow
Favorite type of music or band: Contemporary Christian
Favorite book other than the Bible: Case for Christ, anything by Tim Keller, C.S. Lewis, Lysa Terkeurst, John Piper
Hobbies/interests: Hunting/fishing, kayaking, hiking, travel, UK Basketball
What do you love most about your job: It is a privilege to be a part of such a formative time period of children’s lives. Being able to see them make leaps and bounds in mental and spiritual development in a such short amount of time is so cool! 
Profile image of Kim Fultz

Kim Fultz

West Campus Kids & Administration

Facebook: kimberly.fultz.3
Twitter: @Kim_Fultz

Responsibilities: Leading in west campus kids ministry, administrative assistant for all campuses.
Family: Married to Brian since ‘05, Mother to: Alexis (born in '05).
Hometown: Arlington, TX.
Education & Experience: BS in Organizational Communications (University of Kentucky), Served with church plants since 2007. Serving at Center Point since August 2015. 
What brought you to CPC: Several BCM students from the University of Kentucky helped plant west campus and invited me. After visiting many churches in Lexington, we found CPC to be the best fit for our family. Our daughter loved her kids ministry teachers after the first week which helped influence our decision.
Favorite movie/TV show: YouTube: Good Mythical Morning. TV: Adventure Time. Movies: Hidden Figures, Harry Potter Movies, all Disney & DC/Marvel stuff. 
Favorite type of music or band: Coffee Zombies (Bluegrass), The Coronas (Irish Rock), Jesus Culture, JJ Heller, Phil Wickham.
Favorite book other than the Bible: The Hobbit (Tolkein), Redeeming Love (Rivers), It's Just a Phase so Don't Miss It (Joiner & Ivy) and a new discovery of a love for graphic novels.
Hobbies/interests: It might drive my family crazy but I love going on last minute, unplanned visits to new places such as the reptile museum, hiking, cave tours, etc. The rest of my life is so organized that I love the adventure in spontaneous, unplanned fun! We also love game nights with friends. 
What do you love most about your job: I love receiving homemade paper cards with sticky fingerprints on them. Lots of knee hugs and witnessing ah-ha! moments when elementary students make Christ connections. I love when kids run up to me because they can't wait to share what they learned at home or share the scripture verse that they memorized. And I love connecting parents to other parents in the same life stage!
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Lucas Taylor

West Campus Pastoral Ministry Apprentice

Facebook: tucaslaylor
Twitter: @tucaslaylor

Responsibilities: Overseeing worship, tech, etc at West Campus under the direction of Erik. 
Family: Married to Stacie
Hometown: Pikeville, KY. 
Education & Experience: BBA (Morehead State University), Working on M.Div. (Southern Seminary). Served by leading in worship at Morehead BCM.
What brought you to CPC: My lovely wife, Stacie, invited me in '15.
Favorite movie/TV show: TV: The Office. Movie: Forrest Gump.
Favorite type of music or band: Citizens and Saints, Kings Kaleidoscope.
Favorite book other than the Bible: Gospel by J.D. Greer.
Hobbies/interests: Basketball (both playing and watching), reading, hiking with Stacie, watch a lot of movies.
What do you love most about your job: That I get to serve at a church that cares about discipleship. I love the mission statement of our church of taking everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus Christ. It makes serving at Center Point all the more enjoyable.
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Ally Morgan

Communications Director

Facebook: allymorgan44
Twitter: @allymorgan44

Responsibilities:  All digital and print media produced by both campuses, some administrative tasks, social media, graphic design, web design, and events. 
Family: Parents: Philip and Christy Morgan, Brother: Tyler Morgan
Hometown: Lexington, KY. 
Education & Experience: Graduated from the University of Kentucky in May 2019 with a Bachelor's of Science in Integrated Strategic Communication. 
What brought you to CPC: Tim's daughter, Sarah, invited me to Middle School Group in 6th grade.
Favorite movie/TV show: Friends 
Favorite type of music or band: Worship or Country
Favorite book other than the Bible: The Best Yes, Single Dating Engaged Married, The Magnolia Story, anything by Priscilla Shirer
Hobbies/interests: Farm weddings (Hawk's Nest Weddings and Events) and flower farming, hanging out with my dog, decorating, entrepreneurship
What do you love most about your job: I love that I get to be in ministry using my God-given gifts and education. I love working for a church that cares so much about discipleship and investing in people's lives, and hope that the things I create help foster a culture of loving Jesus and reaching friends with the gospel. 
Profile image of Brice Stockton

Brice Stockton

Student Ministry Apprentice

Facebook: brice.stockton
Twitter: @jbstockton10

Responsibilities:  Oversee middle school and high school ministries at East Campus
Family: Parents: Doug and Terri Stockton, Brother: TW Stockton
Hometown: Lawrenceburg, KY. 
Education & Experience: Currently working on a Master's of Divinity and Bachelor's in Biblical and Theological Studies at Boyce College/Southern Seminary. 
What brought you to CPC: To serve in Student Ministry
Favorite movie/TV show: Any Marvel movie, The Office 
Favorite type of music or band: Worship, Christian Rap, anything
Favorite book other than the Bible: God's Glory In Salvation Through Judgement (Hamilton)
Hobbies/interests: Sports, anything outside, hanging out with students
What do you love most about your job: I love working for a church that emphasizes discipleship so much. I love that the entire staff is focused on the main thing: to take everyone we meet one step closer to becoming a true disciple of Jesus.